Sustainability Matters

What is Sustainability?

We see sustainability as an ethos whereby we use resources responsibly and equitably to meet the needs of current generations without compromising future generations’ well-being.

One useful way of approaching sustainability is to think of the
Triple Bottom Line (John Elkington, 1994):
>> Planet -- Are we doing enough to protect the ecology and safeguard it for the long-term?


>> People -- Are our practices fair and beneficial to the wider community?

>> Profit/Prosperity -- Are we creating economic value in creating jobs and generating prosperity for all? This can be different from a narrow firm-centric definition of profit maximization, so we prefer to use “Prosperity” in lieu of “Profit”.  ​

Mun Wei has published an article on how organizations can start their sustainability journey: 

He started the SustainableSG Facebook page in September 2011 as a regular digest of international sustainability issues.

It is meant to promote awareness of climate change, its impact and what we can do collectively.

Do check it out: