What We Do


1. Strategy development and planning
We work with organizations to incorporate the 3 Ps of sustainability -- Planet, People & Prosperity -- into their corporate strategy. This entails understanding our clients' strategic objectives and advising them on improving business efficiency, reducing their usage of resources and carbon footprint, achieving carbon neutrality and implementing circular economy practices. We help to set up the planning and performance tracking processes and matrices. 

2. Assessing climate change-related risks and the impact to your organization
We leverage our experience in the private and public sectors to provide fresh insights into your business.
We advise on the climate-related risks relevant to your business, what mitigation plans should be adopted and what opportunities can be harnessed.

3. Training and enhancing organizational capabilities
We provide customized training to senior management and managers, so as to equip them with the skills and tools to implement effective initiatives and measure outcomes. 

4. Sustainability reporting and stakeholder engagement
We assist clients to prepare sustainability reports in accordance with the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) standards.
We work with clients on engaging their stakeholders, e.g. facilitating focus group discussions, writing articles and conducting surveys.

5. Public education
We conduct talks on sustainability-related topics (such as climate change, waste management, circular economy and green business opportunities) to organizations and at conferences.  

Our talks are free-of-charge for schools and non-profit organizations.